Frequently Asked Questions

GI Monitor is a service that helps IDB patients log and track their symptoms using mobile and web applications.

GI Monitor is currently a free service for patients and only requires registration and permission to share symptom data anonymously.

WellApps will share patient symptom data anonymously with IBD professionals to improve treatments for Crohn's and Colitis. For more information, see the WellApps Privacy Policy.

Physicians who subscribe to GI Monitor can enroll patients to access their data in real-time. If your doctor is not a WellApps participating physician, have him/her visit for more information and to sign up.

"My Status" is GI Monitor's custom Quality of Life Index. Based on a simple scale of 1-10, GI Monitor uses a weighted algorithm to calculate the symptoms that affect the quality of life for IBD patients, including stool frequency, stool urgency, stool blood, stool form, and pain.